Become a Partner


Types of partnership:

  1. Direct programming and program management. Program management is a partnership to deliver company-specific programming or industry training.
  2. Sponsorship


  • Visibility and credibility – as a leader in Workforce Development with an established reputation for influencing positive social change, you join the ranks of many others who’ve joined us already
  • Networking – Drawing from a wider pool of individuals committed to making a sustainable impact on the Earth and its peoples
  • Innovation – Being associated with new ways to approach old issues

Brand visibility, corporate social responsibility and making a social impact are essential to a healthy partnership – and top the list of benefits you have for joining us as a partner. Your investment in our programs will enable us to expand workforce training into untapped areas and deepen our engagement in the communities where we have an already established presence.

Becoming an OIC International partner means you join an exclusive group of agencies and organizations that have worked with us because they saw our impact and believed in our vision to transform lives.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to become a partner,

please send an email to Jasmine Lataillade, Program Development Officer, at