At OIC International, learning and accountability serve as the foundation on which our programs build We’ve always believed that empowering individuals to provide for themselves is the most effective way to eradicate poverty. OIC International’s innovative programs help both individuals and businesses meet the demand for skilled labor in growing markets.

Our workforce development programs are the cornerstone of our mission to empower others through self-reliance. They address a number of issues affecting communities and individuals throughout Africa by bringing the public and private sectors together to develop practical solutions. Our holistic approach to developing the workforce of the future is what makes us the best at what we do.

Heath, Agriculture, and Nutrition Development for Sustainability  (HANDS)


Sector: Food Security

Target Beneficiary: 35,000

The 14-year conflict in Liberia devastated the economy, human resource base and institutional capacity, leaving 80% of households in poverty to this day. Through our Health, Agriculture and Nutrition Development for Sustainability (HANDS) program, we’ve worked with locals to improve food availability and access, reduce child malnutrition, and increase educational attainment.

Empowered Africans for Retail Needs (EARN)

Donor:  The Walmart Foundation

Sector: Vocational Training, Workforce Development

Target Beneficiary: 12,000

With 7 of the 10 fastest growing economies based in Africa, the need for a well-trained workforce is more critical than ever. In partnership with the Wal-Mart Foundation, our Empowered Africans for Retail Needs (EARN) program was created to meet the demands of the growing retail sector on the continent. With a particular focus on women, EARN’s main objective is to generate a skilled customer service-oriented workforce in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.


Donor: Global Clover Networks

Sector: Agro-Business

Target Beneficiary: 1,543

4H is an agri-business project in Ethiopia that aims to raise youths’ awareness about opportunities in agriculture and livestock production. We train youths on concepts of marketability, supply chain, and entrepreneurship to promote youth-led enterprises in agri-business.

Investing in Business Expansion (IBEX)

Donor: USAID

Sector: Financial Services

Target Beneficiary: : 375 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

The purpose of the Liberia Investing in Business Expansion (IBEX) activity is to increase private sector financial investment leading to sustainable, inclusive economic growth. The IBEX program promotes USAID’s Development Credit Authority (DCA) in Liberia by building capacity of both lenders and borrowers in the agriculture and energy sectors. As a partner in IBEX, OICI provides community mobilization and monitoring and evaluation services.

Agriculture Improvement and Land Access Program (AILAP)

Donor: Newmont Ghana Gold Limited (NGGL)

Sector: Community Development, Livelihood re-establishment

Target Beneficiary: : 6,908

AILAP works with farmers to increase crop productivity and production in Asutifi District in Ghana above pre-NGGL Level by improving farmers’ access to land, farms inputs, and market.

Skills Development for Income Improvement Program (SDIIP)

Donor: Newmont Ghana Gold Limited (NGGL)

Sector: Newmont Ghana Gold Limited (NGGL)

Target Beneficiary: : 3,039

In partnership with Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd., we developed our Skills Development for Income Improvement Program (SDIIP) to assist farmers who have lost their land due to the expansion of mines. We provide technical and vocational training, as well as entrepreneurial guidance to these individuals.

Sustainable Nutrition and Agriculture Promotion (SNAP)


Sector: Food Security, Workforce Development

Target Beneficiary: : 10,000

Our Sustainable Nutrition and Agriculture Promotion (SNAP) program has helped provide fundamental skills development to youth in Sierra Leone, which includes literacy, numeracy, micro-enterprise development, and vocational training programs.

Rural Microenterprise Development (RMDG)

Donor: USAID

Sector: Microenterprise Development

Target Beneficiary: : 4,092 households

Enterprise development programs help boost local economies by teaching individuals how to run successful businesses. With a strong focus on women, our Rural Microenterprise Development Guinea (RMDG) will help improve the standard of living for 4092 households in the Fouta Djallon region in Guinea.

Apprentissage Dual

Donor: UNDP and GoG

Sector: Workforce Development

Target Beneficiary: 1,000

The program focuses on youth labor insertion and social cohesiveness in Guinea. Youths are counseled, trained, and placed in the career of their choice.  Learning areas include carpentry, mechanics, electrician, tie dying, hairstyling, plumbing, tailoring, masonry, etc.

Strengthening HIV/AIDS Response Partnerships with Evidence-based Results (SHARPER)

Donor: USAID

Sector: Health

Target Beneficiary: 32,455

SHARPER program was designed to reduce HIV transmission among Ghana’s most at-risk populations. OICI along with implementing partners educated beneficiaries on key health behaviors, as well as provided HIV counseling and testing, sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment, and HIV care and treatment services.

In partnership with our affiliates, OICI also provides technical and vocational training in the following trades:



Hospitality management

Auto repair


Cargo and freight operations


Floor installation