OIC International plays an important role in the launch of the Vulnerable Assistance Programme in the Ellembelle District, Ghana

Rashida Petersen
Email: rpetersen@oici.org
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OIC International plays an important role in the Salman Community by providing assistance to Adamus Resources’ Vulnerable Assistance Programme.

Accra, Ghana – Opportunities Industrialisation Centre (OIC) International is pleased announced its participation in the Vulnerable Assistance Programme in Salman Community in the Ellembelle District in the Western region, Ghana. The Programme, an initiative related to the work of Adamus Resources’ Nzema Gold Project, is now underway. During implementation the programme will seek to address the most vulnerable in the community by providing technical assistance in agricultural and microenterprise development.

“We are hopeful that the role that OIC International will play in providing technical skills will allow those most vulnerable in the community to lift themselves into a position of positive sustainable livelihoods,” said Leon Sakho, Regional Director for Africa and Ghana Country Representative of OIC International, “By working within our communities for the past 40 years, OIC International is able to step up when the marginalized in the community are in need.”

The Nzema Gold Project is located in south-western Ghana, approximately 280km west of Ghana’s capital city of Accra. The Project consists of a contiguous block of Adamus tenements and options covering approximately 665 square kilometres, accessible via 80km of sealed roads from the major port city of Takoradi and in close proximity to the major mining centre at Tarkwa.

Established in 1971, OIC Ghana provides training in vocational skills and offers counseling, job-placement, and follow-up services to disadvantaged, unskilled, and unemployed Ghanaian youth. OIC Ghana is a nationally recognized organization operating in the Greater Accra Region, the Western Region, the Ashanti Region, Eastern Region, Northern Region and Brong Ahalfo Region.

Media inquiries can be directed to Rashida Petersen at rpetersen@oici.org.

Opportunities Industrialization Centers International (OIC International) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1970, OIC International has trained socially and economically underprivileged women, men and youth in the skills they need to transform their lives and their communities