OICI Announces Short Documentary Series

Dear OIC International Supporter,

In 2010, OIC International President & CEO, Crispian Kirk, and a group of OICI team members spent four weeks in Africa with a camera crew and filmmakers. Their mission was to capture the OIC International story: who are the people behind the projects? Who is OIC International?

The people they encountered and the stories they brought back were truly breathtaking. From the remarkable perseverance of Sam Boateng in Samsam, Ghana, to the spirit of Pindavi Chiduwa and the women of the Tagona Peanut Butter Factory in Zimbabwe, the stories they were told spoke of endurance and strength, compassion and commitment.

The unifying message of everyone they met was: Tell our stories. Tell what we’ve been through, what we’ve accomplished—and how OIC International has helped.

These faces, these stories, these people are OIC International.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be sharing their stories with you and soon, you’ll be able to see them yourselves with the release of the incredible footage Cris and his crew caught.

Keep an eye out—these are stories you have to hear.


OIC International